Frequently asked questions

What area do you cover?
Which crematoriums do you use?
What are your business hours?
What's the difference between a direct cremation and a traditional funeral?
Will my family have to pay more?
What is the Plan with Grace Promise?
What if my family want change my plan?
How is my money kept safe?
Can I buy a funeral plan for my Husband or Parent?
Am I guaranteed to be accepted ?
Can I request a local funeral director?
What happens if I would prefer the cremated remains of my loved one sent back to me rather than collecting them?
What if I want a burial?
What happens if I die while on holiday or away from home?
How can I pay for my funeral plan?
Can I personalise my plan?
What happens if I move?
What are demands and needs?

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Everyone is unique

Find or build a funeral plan to meet your needs and allows you to be in control of your funeral plan, both now and in the future.

Plan for the future

Once a plan is purchased, the money is held securely in the Plan with Grace Funeral Payment Trust, until such a time it is required to pay for the funeral.